WRAP Expands Global Sustainable Art Reach

WRAP expands global sustainable art reach by partnering with Empower.eco digital platform, and launching WRAPnow.org & Empower Sustainable Art Passport

Global sustainable art journey passport will highlight key ESG moments throughout recycled art projects, authentically marking ESG goals and delivering unique insights for corporate partners and sustainable art collectors. WRAP, a leading global SAS Sustainable Art as a Service (SAaaS) firm providing a broad range of recycled art services that support ESG and Empower have announced a partnership agreement establishing WRAP and Empower as the leaders in ESG initiatives development, tracking and impact reporting.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) March 23, 2021

Beginning in 2021, WRAPnow.org and Empower will introduce a multi-platform partnership that focuses on sustainable art and ESG reporting. This first-of-its-kind innovation will add yet another level of excitement to the ESG and CSR for corporate clients. In addition, the partnership will see the integration of WRAPnow.org and Empower social equity projects as the main focal point.

Working in conjunction with Corporate Partners, WRAPnow.org and Empower, will build impact-based programs to mark all defining moments for each sustainable art journey, map and record its progress and provide transparent impact reporting. The digital art passport created in the process will capture all milestones in art collection, collaboration, corporate culture reflections, employee resource groups engagement and individual perseverance stories – the entire creation process and give Corporate Partners and sustainable art collectors a ‘digitized art journey’ a new look, a ‘provenance’ of a sustainable art piece. Employees coming together in team building and employee engagement activities, building sustainable art, will be assessed pre- and post- project on maximised employee engagement and increase in team performance and productivity.

“WRAP is known for its remarkable employee engagement and team building programs,” said Yana Good Nigen, Waste Reduction Art Project’s Executive Director. “We are excited to partner with a digital innovator Empower and bring real-time ESG reporting capabilities to our corporate partners.”

“Empower is a leader in the development of new digital solutions for circularity and traceability” said Wilhelm Myrer, Empower Chief Executive Officer. “To be able to join WRAP on their mission to keep recyclable materials out of landfills while creating unique art pieces, lasting awareness and true corporate engagement talks straight to our hearts.”

About WRAP
WRAP is a non-profit organization focused on keeping 1 million pounds of recyclable material out of landfills by 2030. We create new ways for companies to engage with the planet and the arts. We do this by working with corporations to bring more recyclable art and recycled art creation experiences into their offices. Our dedicated network is committed to connecting and educating local communities, while developing best practices and creating art from materials people throw away everyday. Our support helps local communities and drives innovation around new forms of degradable plastics and clean water preservation forward. Follow WRAP on Twitter @wastereduction2 and join the conversation on LinkedIn FB and Instagram @wastereductionartproject.

About Empower
EMPOWER, a Norwegian sustainability tech company, uses blockchain technology to store information about plastic waste and to map and track waste flows to ensure that the plastic ends up where it has the highest value and the lowest cost to society. Empower’s mission is to clean up and close the tap on plastic waste – help to recreate a world without waste.

For more information about Empower, visit Empower.eco, follow @empowerplastic on Twitter and Instagram and find us on Facebook.

Click here to watch the BBC video https://www.bbc.com/reel/playlist/game-changers?vpid=p095tcm6

Media Contacts

Yana Nigen, WRAP, ynigen@wrapnow.org +1.917.476.5846
Wilhelm Myrer, Empower, wilhelm@empower.eco, media@empower.eco, +47 98666491

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