Imagine: A Better World

In the Spring of 2022, SlumArt Foundation collaborated with a NYC-based nonprofit Waste Reduction Art Project, Inc. in delivering an engaging art creation workshop to children in Lagos, Nigeria. Derek Gores – one of the renowned recycled art creators, and WRAP’s artist in residence, taught SlumArt kids how to create art from waste scrap paper via a remote workshop. The workshop went viral and 460 kids in Nigeria have created over 500 works of art inspired by Derek’s technique.

In the Fall of 2022 WRAP and SlumArt completed a documentary short that was submitted to the Bloomberg Green Docs competition. Yana Good Nigen attended the festival at the Skirball Center in LA.

Currently, WRAP and SlumArt are working on a full feature documentary focusing
on our young artists’ struggle with flood currently paralyzing Nigeria. More
than 460 young artists and their families are currently in the IDP camps requiring
food and medical supplies. With this full feature documentary, we are hoping to
raise awareness and help them come back to their normal lives and continue to create art.

You can view the documentary short submitted to the #BloombergGreenDocs here.



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